IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force, 互联网工程任务组), RFC (Request for Comments)

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  • IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force, 互联网工程任务组)
  • RFC (RFCs, Request for Comments, 征求意见稿, 请求评议) IETF 的最终产品 ?
  • WG (Network Working Group, 网络工作组)


The goal of the IETF is to make the Internet work better.
The mission of the IETF is to make the Internet work better by producing high quality, relevant technical documents that influence the way people design, use, and manage the Internet.

Official Website

  1. - The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
  2. - Getting Started in the IETF
  3. - About the IETF
  4. - IETF Working Groups (WGs) are the primary mechanism for development of IETF specifications and guidelines, many of which are intended to be standards or recommendations.
  5. - Request for Comments (RFC)
  6. - Internet-Drafts (I-Ds)
  7. - IETF Resources
  8. - IETF Documents

RFC 检索

本节内容摘自,该页面可能是 RFC 的入口。


  1. IETF: 互联网精神的典范
  2. IETF 和 W3C 的区别
  1. 如何高效地阅读 RFC
  2. - RFC 在线阅读工具
  3. IETF 之道 - 关于 IETF 的新手指南.pdf - Tony Praise